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The company pays you automatically to your provided crypto wallet address after 24 hours of your investment which makes it easier for you to withdraw your income at anytime and any day.

Security is critical for any internet-based application, especially when money is involved. As such, Revoltzz has strict policies and procedures in place to keep Revoltzz and its customers safe, runs on Google Cloud, one of the largest and most trusted cloud providers, always up to date with the latest security standards. -connects to customer accounts through API keys, for which permissions are carefully selected and limited to avoid damage even in the highly unlikely event of a security breach.

<p>Knowing the nature of this investment, we give out the $5 so new users will use the bonus understand how our process works before they commit for long term investment</p>

<p>Yeah every month we reduce our bonuses, we started with 1000 New user bonus and now it's 300 it'll continue to reduce! Until we stop accepting new users</p>

<p>At the capacity we operate right now we, estimate that 10000 user will be the right balance so we can guarantee, safe investment for our investors, we will be filtering users base on activity, so inactive users will be removed so we can accept new and active users if we reach our 10000. Investors threshold</p>